The whole universe is formed by four elemental forces. Gravitation, the weak and strong interaction and the electromagnetism. It´s just this type of magnetism which is responsible for the bonding of different Atoms to molecular chains and through this, basic component of all known materiality. Molécule shows the interpretation of this elemental force and creates on the basis of a magnetic sphere surrounded by steelballs it´s own molecule structure. These unexpected and impossible structures which can be created with molecúle are fascinating. This demands to create new and other forms. Through all of this Molecúle becomes an art- and design object as well as an everyday object.

Producer: Gejst
Material: Plated Steel, Magnet
Year: 2017
Awards: German Design Award 2017

A magnetic sphere, a steel pipe and some steelballs.
These are the basic components to create your own individual candle holder. All pieces are held together only through magnetism and free to be designed. Extended through an another magnetic sphere, Molecúle offers a wider range of variations to be thought. The magnetic field also interacts throughout not magnetic materials and creates unique objects that seems to contradicting the laws of physics…

If combined with more sphere magnets and pipes it´s possible to create incredible structures by using them as joints. Through this  you can create much bigger structures and Molecúle becomes an incredible sculpture with an infinite variation of forms.By using a wallmounted steelpin molecúle becomes also a piece of wall art and decorates every wall in a quite fascinating way…