Residential Lease Agreement California Association of Realtors


When it comes to renting a property in California, both landlords and tenants need to protect their interests with a written lease agreement. One commonly used lease agreement is the Residential Lease or Month-to-Month Rental Agreement provided by the California Association of Realtors (CAR). This agreement is designed to protect both parties from potential misunderstandings or disputes.

The CAR lease agreement is a legal document that outlines the rental period, rent payment terms, security deposit, maintenance responsibilities, and any specific provisions or restrictions. It is important to note that the agreement must comply with California state laws, including the state’s landlord-tenant laws.

One of the key benefits of using the CAR lease agreement is that it is regularly updated to reflect changes in California’s laws and regulations. This means that both landlords and tenants can rest assured that the agreement is up-to-date and legally enforceable.

When drafting a lease agreement, landlords should include specific provisions that protect their property and ensure that tenants maintain it in good condition. For example, landlords may want to include provisions related to regular cleaning and maintenance, restrictions on pets or smoking, and guidelines for subletting or guest stays.

On the other hand, tenants should ensure that the lease agreement protects their interests as well. This may include provisions related to the return of the security deposit, the right to privacy, and the landlord’s responsibility to make necessary repairs and maintenance.

By using the CAR lease agreement, both landlords and tenants can have peace of mind knowing that their rights are protected and their obligations are clearly defined. It is important to review the lease agreement carefully before signing to ensure that both parties understand their responsibilities and obligations.

In conclusion, the residential lease agreement provided by the California Association of Realtors offers a comprehensive and legally enforceable document that protects both landlords and tenants. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, it is important to understand the terms of the lease agreement and ensure that it aligns with your needs and preferences.