OWN Studio


With OWN Studio we´ve designed a modern and fresh new hair studio in the heart of Berlin. Against the common trend of vintage Barber / Hair dresser shops all around the city, our aim was to create a minimal and modern space with a friendly charme.

Not unfinished, not overwhelmed with decoration. Just nice, clean and charmefull…
As simple as that!

We wanted to create a kind of charme that directly catches you when you step in to the space. We reached that goal by using the room as a kind of a blank theatre background where all of the furniture, movements and products are playing their roll in front of it. A clean white background that gives a focus on the high quality craftsmanship at OWN Studio, the sustainable highend products they are selling and at least also the selected pieces which are the extra topping in that space.

But to bring this kind of friendly charme to this room we also setup some slightly colored spots all around the studio. From the cozy upholstered shopping window seat, framed by nice curtains and highlighted with slightly rose cushions. To the wonderfull screened shelfing layout presenting the wonderfull designed Davines products they are selling and at least the washing spot, underlayed with a warm yellow carpet and the color bar behind it. All of these spots in combination with the layout of the lamps and the love to details makes OWN Studio a special hair spot even in a city that has seen anything…