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At Studio Rem it´s all about our passion for design and our love for telling storys with our proudcts. Storys from a fascinating world full of magnificient effects, forces and constructions hidden in our everyday life.

We try to discover them, feel them and transporting our empathic reflection of these basic things in life with our products. Our aim is to impress with smart ideas, different ways of thinking and a whole lot of emotions. Design and style values aren´t enough. We are always heading to a deeper level of design. So we live and breath for this moment, when a minimum of shape, an extraordinary story and an outstanding idea combining to create this certain kind of charme which gives all of our products their charactere.

Our design is minimal and cautios- warm and emotional. It need´s to be felt not only seen.

We don´t care for trends or styles. We care for storys. For ideas. Creativity is our mantra, emotions are our stock in trade. So get the feeling behind our designs and follow our journey through foggy days, elemental forces and basic discoverys.

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