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The most wonderfull shapes surrounding us, are the ones that we are mostly do not recognize anymore. But if we are faced with them they have a huge impact on us because we have a natural relationship to it. So it is with waterdrops… They are common, they are everywhere. Falling from the sky as rain, creating wonderfull textures on our windows or you admire them as small sculptures in the form of dew drops on your plants.Formed by gravity, the surface tension and a lot of other conditions and physical laws. Waterdrops are something very special because they are shaped only by some physical laws. And this shape is […]

A walk on a foggy day

– I think we all know these foggy days full of such a melancholic calmness. When everything is relaxed and the world seems to stop for some hours. And on such a day I had this walk with my family through a park near to our appartment in Berlin. Beautifull old trees standing around there and a wonderfull arranged garden is located wright in the middle of that area. This park is mostly high frequented. Two streets limit it on each side usualy making it to a very noisy and hectic spot. But on this day everything was so silent and calm. Sometimes people passing by but only in form […]