A walk on a foggy day


– I think we all know these foggy days full of such a melancholic calmness. When everything is relaxed and the world seems to stop for some hours.

And on such a day I had this walk with my family through a park near to our appartment in Berlin. Beautifull old trees standing around there and a wonderfull arranged garden is located wright in the middle of that area. This park is mostly high frequented. Two streets limit it on each side usualy making it to a very noisy and hectic spot.

But on this day everything was so silent and calm. Sometimes people passing by but only in form of colorfull shadows. The surrounding fog made the world become so pleasently small. So intimate. Only blurry silhouettes of things around us. Defining the boarders of our current world. Nothings behind it. Only imagination.

And as we walked through this small world, all the things that we were able to see became so present. We realized how wonderfull single plants and trees look like when they are covered in those misty shrouds. We discovered the wonderfull structures and the whole beautiness of sinlge leafs because nothing else was disturbing this impression. The shine of  streetlamps surrounding us, hiding their sources by blurring their shapes. It´s a kind of walking in a Monet painting and for me Hermann Hesse once described this feeling in a wonderfull maner in it´s poem „In the fog“.

Strange, to wander in the fog.
Each bush and stone stands alone,
No tree sees the next one,
Each is alone.

Hermann Hesse, Im Nebel

And this is at least is the impression which had such a deep impact on my own. When walking through fog you´ll get your focus back on things which are hidden by the flood of impressions of our everyday environment. And that is what makes these foggy days so special. They hide the unnecessary and reveal the beautiness of the unseen.