The most wonderfull shapes surrounding us, are the ones that we are mostly do not recognize anymore. But if we are faced with them they have a huge impact on us because we have a natural relationship to it.

So it is with waterdrops…

They are common, they are everywhere. Falling from the sky as rain, creating wonderfull textures on our windows or you admire them as small sculptures in the form of dew drops on your plants.
Formed by gravity, the surface tension and a lot of other conditions and physical laws. Waterdrops are something very special because they are shaped only by some physical laws. And this shape is the same in the whole universe. One of these elemental laws is that every substance strives naturally for the reduction of their surface. Thats why liquids forming spheres in non gravitational surroundings. And this behaviour leads to the magnificient effect that the shape can just be designed by defining some parameteres like the ones I´ve mentioned in the begining.
What I´m aiming to with my idea is to bring back this wonderfull shape to our minds.
That we can again be astonished how wonderfull physical laws designing our surroundings.
And my idea, to describe waterdrops and therefore the vases in the most simplest way is really unique and special. There are some „drop vases“ out there. Sometimes interpreted by an artist, sometimes stylized from a designing point of view. But none of them is using the simple beautiness of water creating drops. With this design you´re not only getting a wonderfull minimal vase, which is reduced to a maximum of emotional impact. You are getting a whole story behind it. A story that everybody will recognize immediately, because all of us have a natural relationship to it.